Setting the code page for double-byte languages

Double-byte character corruption can occur in some environments because BigFix Inventory uses the code page to transcode data. For double-byte languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, set the code page to avoid character corruption.

About this task

The _BESClient_DeploymentEncoding_IANAName setting of the BESClient running on the BigFix server must use the correct character set for double-byte languages. For example, for simplified Chinese the setting is CP936. One double-byte code page translation is allowed per BigFix server that is configured as a data source for BigFix Inventory.


  1. Log in to the BigFix console.
  2. Go to your Subscribed Computers, and select the computer on which you have both the BigFix server and the BESClient installed.
  3. Go to Edit Settings, and change the _BESClient_DeploymentEncoding_IANAName setting to the correct encoding.
  4. Stop the BigFix Inventory server.
  5. Log in to the database server as a user with DB2 authority, open a DB2 command line and run the following commands:
    db2 "connect to database database_name"
    db2 "update dbo.datasource_sequences set last_sequence=cast( x'0000000000000000' as char(8) for bit data)'"
    db2 commit
  6. Start the BigFix Inventory server and run a data import.