IBM Software licensing rules on public clouds

10.0.3 IBM software that is installed on computers that run on public clouds is licensed according to the IBM BYOSL policy. To ensure that license metric utilization is properly calculated for such software, computers must be identified as running on public clouds.

For more information, see: IBM Eligible Public Cloud BYOSL Policy.

Supported public clouds

Public clouds that are currently supported by BigFix Inventory include:
  • Amazon EC2
  • IBM SoftLayer
  • Microsoft Azure
  • 9.2.8 Google Compute Engine
  • 10.0.1 Oracle Compute Instance
  • 10.0.3 Alibaba Elastic Compute Service
  • 10.0.4 IBM Power Virtual Server
  • 10.0.4 Tencent Cloud Server Instance
  • 10.0.5 NEC Cloud IaaS Instance
  • 10.0.6 Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Instance
    • 10.0.6 FJcloud-V
    • 10.0.8 FJcloud-O
  • 10.0.7 NTT Enterprise Cloud Server
  • 10.0.11 KDDI Cloud
  • 10.0.12 KDDI Cloud for Windows - Windows VMs can now be marked as a Public Cloud.

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BigFix Inventory does not support public cloud VMs that are identified by duplicated serial numbers. The serial number is usually the UUID of the virtual machine that is assigned by the VM manager of the particular public cloud.