10.0.6 Time handling

From version 10.0.6, contract values are calculated in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time zone. Before version 10.0.6, BigFix Inventory used to calculate contract values in server OS's time zone for All Contract reports and in local time for edit contracts.

Dates are shown in local time zone if no time zone is mentioned for a component. Dates are shown in UTC if the same is mentioned during the creation. For example, when creating a new contract, BigFix Inventory indicates that the considered time zone is UTC.

Example: All Metrics panel

In UTC In UTC, daylight saving does not impact the start and end time. In UTC, any computation for the date considers the start time as 00:00:00 UTC and end time as 23:59:59 UTC.
Example: Data Imports
A data import is scheduled in Central European Time (CET) for October, 14th 2021 at 03:00 PM (15:00). In UTC, the import is scheduled for 1:00 PM (13:00). This means that after switch to Winter time on October 31, 3:00 AM, data import will be still triggered at 1:00 PM (13:00) UTC, which mean that the import will happen at 2:00 PM (14:00) CET instead of 03:00 PM (15:00).
Example: Saved Reports

In Asia-Pacific time zone, at the start of the day, reports show data from 'previous day' and in Americas, at the end of the day, reports show data from 'next day'. To avoid this discrepancy, API calls are made based on the UTC time zone. When you select to view a report, the API converts the report in UTC and the report is shown in UTC.