Features and functions

BigFix Inventory provides useful features for managing physical and virtualized environments. It discovers the software that is installed in your infrastructure, helps you to analyze the consumption data, and allows you to generate reports.


BigFix Inventory shows detailed information about hardware that are integrated with 3rd party applications.

Software discovery and identification

BigFix Inventory scans your infrastructure to determine the software that is installed on the monitored computers.

Extending software discovery with custom signatures

BigFix Inventory allows to create a custom signatures. Creating custom signatures allow you to manage software that are not discovered or are missing form the installation registry. For more information, see Exporting and importing custom signatures. BigFix Inventory includes a catalog of software products along with a set of rules called signatures. The signatures are matched against the results of the scan to build a complete overview of software that is installed in your infrastructure.

Software usage monitoring

BigFix Inventory leverages the capabilities of BigFix Platform to show a statistical data about software usage.

IBM license usage reporting and compliance

BigFix Inventory, a replacement of IBM License Metric Tool, is an IBM certified application for IBM sub-capacity.

BigFix Inventory provides the information that is needed to ensure compliance with Processor Value Units (PVU), and Resource Value Units (RVU MAPC) audit reports licensing terms.

BigFix Inventory calculates the maximum core capacity of the server that is available to the installed IBM software. The application also determines the number of processor value units (PVU) or processor-core entitlements that are required. If you deploy a supported virtualization technology, the tool provides processor core capacity information for the whole virtualized environment.

You can generate IBM permitted audit snapshot for IBM PVU and IBM RVU MAPC in your infrastructure.

Enterprise software discovery and license usage reporting

BigFix Inventory has capabilities to discover selected enterprise software and calculate its license usage.

Verification for Oracle Java SE and Oracle Database and Database Options usage data collection

BigFix Inventory is a verified third party tool (alternative to the Oracle Collection Tool) for Java SE: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/license-management-services/tooling.html. For more information about the procedure to generate Oracle Java auditing data, refer to Collecting Oracle Measurements Data.

BigFix Inventory is a verified third party tool (alternative to the Oracle Collection Tool) for Oracle Database and Database Options: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/license-management-services/tooling.html. Oracle database auditing information is included in the same package as Oracle Java information. For more information, refer to Collecting Oracle Measurements Data.