Keeping BigFix Inventory up-to-date

BigFix Inventory updates and content packs are released periodically. Ensure that you upgrade the BigFix Inventory server with each release to take advantage of the new features and apply the application patches.

Periodical updates

Release of a BigFix Inventory BigFix Inventory application update
BigFix Inventory BigFix Inventory update is released periodically, typically at the end of each calendar quarter. The update contains a variety of new and improved features as well as the application patches. BigFix Inventory BigFix Inventory version increments with each release, and is independent of the version of the BigFix platform.
Release of a content pack
Apart from application updates, a content pack is released usually at the end of each month. A content pack provides new discovery capability for a number of software components, and might contain modifications to fixlets. Content pack does not upgrade the BigFix Inventory server.

How to turn on automatic notifications about application updates and content packs

To keep current with BigFix Inventory BigFix Inventory and receive notifications about application updates, subscribe to Announcements for BES Administrators. After you subscribe, you will receive e-mail notifications related to the announcements.

Information about the latest releases and content packs