Identifying computers on public clouds

10.0.3 For all computers that run on public clouds, you must additionally identify them as such. This is required to apply the correct PVU rates, which might differ between the public clouds. It is enough to run a Fixlet against these computers and specify the type of the public cloud.

About this task

For information about licensing rules that apply on public clouds, the list of supported public clouds, and existing limitations, see IBM Software licensing rules on public clouds.



  1. In the navigation tree of the BigFix console, click Sites > External Sites > BigFix Inventory v10 > Fixlets and Tasks.
  2. In the upper right pane, select Identify Computers on Public Clouds.
  3. Choose the type of the public cloud and click Take Action.
    Note: If you incorrectly identified a computer as running on a public cloud, choose Remove existing identification.
  4. Select all computers that run on this type of cloud and click OK.
    Tip: To check which computers are identified as running on public clouds, activate the Identified Public Cloud Computers analysis and open the Results tab.


A computer that runs on a public cloud is assigned the number of PVUs that is specified in the IBM Eligible Public Cloud BYOSL policy. Information about the assigned number of PVUs is displayed on the Computers report after the next capacity scan and import of data. PVU consumption for the software that is installed on such a computer is properly calculated.