Identifying disconnected computers as running on public clouds

10.0.5 If a computer on which you use the disconnected scanner runs on a public cloud, identify it as public to ensure that PVU consumption is properly calculated for the software that is installed on that computer.

About this task

For information about licensing rules that apply on public clouds, the list of supported public clouds, and existing limitations, see: IBM Software licensing rules on public clouds.



  1. Log in to the computer that runs on the public cloud.
  2. Go to the directory in which the disconnected scanner is installed, and open the setup_config.ini file.
  3. Set the value of the PUBLIC_CLOUD_TYPE parameter. For the list of available values, refer to the config file.
    Note: Ensure the name of the public cloud is enclosed in quotation marks.


A computer that runs on a public cloud is assigned the number of PVUs that is specified in the IBM Eligible Public Cloud BYOSL policy. Information about the assigned number of PVUs is displayed on the Computers report after the next capacity scan and import of data. PVU consumption for the software that is installed on such a computer is properly calculated.