Configuring the Docker container with a license

A Docker container must be configured with a valid license before the container can be used to start a CLI session and perform scans. Specify the required license information in one of the following ways:

  • Specify each variable in the container creation command as part of the --env parameter (--env <name=value>). For example:
    docker run -it --rm --env AS_LICENSE_TYPE=CLS --env
            AS_LICENSE_SERVER_ID=<license key> hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.1.0
    Note: See Supported configurations when creating a container for details on supported configuration variables.
  • Specify one or more supported variables in a file as name value pair, then specify file-path as part of the --env-file parameter (--env-file <file-path>). For example:
    1. Create a file by specifying the variables as the file content:
      > vi ./env.list
      > AS_LICENSE_SERVER_ID=<license key>
    2. Specify the file in the container creation command:
      docker run -it --rm --env-file
              ./env.list hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.1.0