Removing assessments from My Assessments

When assessments are removed from the My Assessments view, they are not removed from your local file system. If an assessment is removed from the view, it can be added back with the Open Assessment action.

About this task

Restriction: When you scan multiple applications or projects, a parent node containing assessments for each scanned item is created in the My Assessments view. The individual child assessments cannot be managed in this case (for example, the child assessments cannot be removed or published individually). When multiple applications or projects are scanned at the same time, you can only manage the assessments as a group (the parent node).


  1. In the My Assessments view, select the assessment that you want to remove. Multiple assessments can also be selected using the keyboard Ctrl or Shiftcommand or shift keys.
  2. Select the Remove from My Assessments button in the view's toolbar - or right-click the selection and choose Remove from My Assessments from the menu.