Publishing assessments

AppScan® Source offers two publishing options. You can publish assessments to the AppScan® Source Database, for the purpose of storing and sharing assessments. Or, if your AppScan® Enterprise Server has been installed with the Enterprise Console option, you can publish assessments to it. The AppScan® Enterprise Console offers a variety of tools for working with your assessments - such as reporting features, issue management, trend analysis, and dashboards.

Important: This topic applies only if you have upgraded to AppScan® Source version 10.0.2 or higher from a 10.0.1 or earlier version of the product. New installations of AppScan® Source version 10.0.2 publish to AppScan® Enterprise only.

To learn more about AppScan® Source publishing features, see Publishing assessments to AppScan Source and Publishing assessments to AppScan Enterprise.

Note: For some versions of AppScan® Source and AppScan® Enterprise, the version and release level of the two products must match in order to publish from AppScan® Source to the AppScan® Enterprise Console. See How to enable connections and publish assessments for different versions of AppScan Source and AppScan Enterprise to learn which versions of AppScan® Source and AppScan® Enterprise are compatible when publishing assessments.