Managing My Assessments

The My Assessments view contains a list of assessments (the currently-opened assessment, along with any assessments that you have saved). In this view, you can open, delete, save, rename, or compare assessments. When a scan completes or you open a saved assessment, the assessment appears in the My Assessments view. My Assessments displays a table of open or saved assessments, and identifies a published or modified assessment. Removing an assessment from this view (without saving or publishing it) permanently deletes that assessment.

For more information about the My Assessments view, see My Assessments view.

Restriction: When you scan multiple applications or projects, a parent node containing assessments for each scanned item is created in the My Assessments view. The individual child assessments cannot be managed in this case (for example, the child assessments cannot be removed or published individually). When multiple applications or projects are scanned at the same time, you can only manage the assessments as a group (the parent node).
Tip: You can only open scan results that pertain to one application at a time. To view results of a multi-application or multi-project scan, you must expand the tree in the My Assessments view and double-click the assessment that you want to open.