Defining variables

When saving assessments or bundles, or publishing assessments, AppScan® Source for Analysis may suggest that you create a variable to replace absolute paths (without variables, AppScan® Source for Analysis writes absolute paths to the assessment file to reference items such as source files). When you configure variables for absolute paths, you facilitate the sharing of assessments on multiple computers. It is recommended that you use variables when sharing assessments.

About this task

Variables can be created prior to initiating a save or publish action by following the instructions in this topic - or they can be created after initiating the save or publish action by following the steps in Defining variables when publishing and saving.

To learn, by example, how variables can assist when sharing assessments, see Example: Defining variables.


  1. Select Edit > Preferences from the main menu. In the Preferences dialog box, choose Change Variables.
  2. Click the Add Variable button in the Change Variables preference page.
  3. Enter a name for the variable and browse to the file location that will be replaced by the variable (AppScan® Source for Analysis inserts the surrounding percent symbols (%) after the variable is created).
  4. Repeat the above step for any other reference items in the assessment (for example, if the assessment references source in multiple locations, add a variable for each location).
  5. Use the preference page to edit and remove variables, using the Modify Variable and Delete Variable buttons.
  6. Click OK when you are finished defining variables.