Scan considerations

This topic describes restrictions and considerations that may affect your scans.

To learn about considerations that are specific to scanning IBM® MobileFirst Platform projects, see Scanning a MobileFirst Platform project.


On Linux, Eclipse requires the installation of a third-party component in order to render browser-based content. Without this component, AppScan® Source for Development may exhibit symptoms such as a hang after login or a fail during product use. See Enabling browser-based content on Linux for AppScan Source for Development installed to Eclipse Version 3.7 or later for more information.


Tip: If you are scanning Java and there are missing dependencies in your Java project, AppScan® Source will compile your Java files by synthesizing the pieces that the dependencies would have provided. In this case, you can improve the accuracy of findings by specifying missing dependencies, as follows:
  1. After scanning, open <data_dir>\logs\StaticAnalyzer-Errors.log (where <data_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source program data, as described in Installation and user data file locations) to see if AppScan® Source has reported missing dependencies.
  2. Modify the project properties to include the dependencies.
  3. Re-scan the project.