Scanning without manual intervention

The AppScan® Source CLI shell starts by default when a container is created; all supported AppScan® Source CLI commands can be executed within the container. The CLI also supports defining a set of commands in a script file and specifying the file using the script command to execute all those commands sequentialy.

By making use of a script command, a scan can be performed without manual intervention.

For example:
  1. Create a script:
    > vi /host_machine_workspace/cli.script
    > login …
    > oa /container_workspace/simpleIOT/SimpleIOT.paf
    > scan
    > report "Findings by Fix Group" pdf-annotated /Apps/owasp_report.pdf
            -includeSrcBefore:5 -includeSrcAfter:5 -includeTrace:suspect
    > logout
  2. Run the scan in the container, specifying the script:
    docker run -it --rm --env-file ./env.list --volume
            hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.1.0 script .“/container_workspace/cli.script