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Program Directory (PDF)
Administration and User Guide (PDF)
Product overview
HCL Z License Verification (ZLV) enables you to upload your license information into IBM Z Asset Management (IZSAM) V8.2 and verify that these licenses match the IZSAM V8.2 data that has been identified.
Hardware and software pre-requisites
To install ZLV, you need to download ZLV, configure and implement it into an existing IZSAM V8.2 repository. ZLV requires you to install two components: z/OS and Linux.
Customization and implementation of Z License Verification
Before you use ZLV, there are some customization and implementation steps that must be run.
Running batch jobs from JCLLIB
Listed in this section are the batch jobs you must run to implement ZLV.
Running ZLVLICPM to create Db2® objects
To create Db2® objects, follow the steps outlined in this section.
Updating the License Key
HCL will supply you with a License Key, which needs to be uploaded to the mainframe. To update the License Key, follow the steps outlined in this section.
Running License Verification Import
To run the License Verification Import, follow the steps outlined in this section.
Running License Verify
To run the License Verify job, follow the steps outlined in this section.
Post implementation
Online login to Z License Verification
Using its own server, Z License Verification requires a separate login.
License Verification login steps
To login to License Verification, follow the steps outlined in this section.
Creating the CSV file
The Extract Product Information report is used to create a CSV file that contains basic data such as Vendor Name and Product Name that have been identified by IBM IZSAM V8.2.
Uploading the CSV file to the host
To upload your CSV file to the host, follow the steps outlined in this section.
Listed in this section are the reports which you can use to display license data.
All License
The All License report displays the raw license data that you imported via the License Verification Import batch job, ZLVLICI. Before you run any reports you need to run the License Verify batch job, ZLVLICV. See Running License Verify.
Products with a License
Report showing all Licenses that are licensed as Enterprise, LPAR, or Machine.
Licenses without a Product
Report showing Licenses for a product that has not been identified.
Products without a License
Report showing products identified that do not have a license.
Licenses Verified
The Verified Licenses reports list the licenses and whether they match the required license information.
Administration Functions
See App Settings and Profile sections for a description of the administration functions.
Input file layout
This section describes the input file layout required for License Verification.