Show or hide predecessors from What-if Analysis Gantt view

When you have hundreds of predecessors, you can optimize performance by excluding them from the What-if Analysis Gantt view. By default, all predecessors are loaded into the What-if Analysis Gantt view. To exclude them, uncomment this section and leave the default setting of the property whatIfAutoLoadPreds to "false" . To revert back to the default behavior either set the property to "true" or comment the section again in the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file.
To modify the default setting, configure the following property in the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file:
            <property name = "whatIfAutoLoadPreds" value="false"></property>
See TdwcGlobalSettings.xml sample to view the complete syntax for the file.

For more information about how to customize global settings, see Customizing your global settings.