Customize video URLs

This section shows how you should customize your URLs that link video content in the Dynamic Workload Console so that you can link to a company intranet server to view help videos rather than a public video site.

The _baseURL prefix will be added to all your video URLs . If you do not specify a link for your video the default setting will automatically be used.
˂?xml version"1.0"?>
˂property name="_baseURL" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="depLoop" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="highlightRelDep" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="viewDepPrompt" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="usingImpactView" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="createUseTasks" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="weAddRemoveFile" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="weCreateDeps" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="weAddJob" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="weHighlightDeps" value="">˂/property>
˂property name="weCreateJCL" value="">˂/property>