Update options for a snapshot view

When you use a snapshot view, you must perform frequent update operations to ensure that your view contains the latest versions of the elements.

Before performing the update, you are able to see a preview.

When updating the entire view, you have these default options:

  • Update mode. Evaluates the config spec against all the files and directories in the snapshot view and does the following:
    • If a version selected by the config spec is different from the version in the view, the Update Tool copies the version from the VOB to the view, overwriting the existing version.
    • Removes any elements no longer selected by the view.
    • Operates on hijacked files according to the options you set on the Advanced tab of the Start Update dialog box.
  • Leave hijacked files in place. A hijacked file is a file that was modified in a snapshot view by manually changing the file's read-only attribute instead of checking out the file before modifying it. This option treats hijacked files as checked-out files: the version in the VOB is not copied to the view and the hijacked file is not updated. After the update operation is complete, you can choose to check out the hijacked files.
  • Set file times to current time. For any file that is copied to the view during the update operation, HCL VersionVault sets the file's time stamp to the current time on your machine.

You modify the defaults on the Advanced tab of the Start Update dialog box.