Creating a view on Linux and UNIX

When using UCM, the easier way to create a view is to use the Create View dialog box, which can be opened by selecting Create View in the Project Explorer, or by typing the clearprojexp & command at the system prompt in a terminal window. The VOB to which you want to set a view must be a UCM PVOB.

If the VOB is not a UCM PVOB, you cannot use the Create View dialog box, and you must use the cleartool mkview command.

The mkview command by default creates a dynamic view. To create a snapshot view you use the -snapshot option.

After you create a dynamic view, you must use the cleartool setview command to set the view to an existing VOB. This does not apply to snapshot views. The setview command creates a process that is set to the specified dynamic view. The new process is setting a context for the view.

Try it!

You are going to create a dynamic view named dynview.

  1. Create the view by typing this command:

    ct mkview -tag dynview /var/tmp/your-username_dynview.vws

    The system's response is similar to the following:

    Created View
    Host-local pth: stellar:/var/tmp/dynview.vws
    Global path: /net/stellar/var/tmp/dynview.vws
    It has the following rights:
    User: fhembert : rwx
    Group: user: rwx
    Other: r-x 
  2. Set the view with the setview command as follows:

    ct setview dynview