Removing views on Linux and UNIX

You remove views by using the cleartool rmview command specifying the view's path name as parameter and not the view tag

Before removing a view, you must first stop any active views using the cleartool endview command.

Try it!

During the exercises in this module, you created a dynamic view named dynview and a snapshot view named snapview. If you did the exercises as directed, you stopped the dynview view, but not your snapview.

During this exercise you will stop the snapview process and then remove the two views.

  1. Stop the snapshot view by typing this command:

    ct endview snapview

  2. Remove the snapview view using the rmview command as follows:

    ct rmview /var/tmp/your-username_snapview.vws

  3. Now remove the dynview view by typing this command:

    ct rmview /var/tmp/your-username_dynview.vws