About views and view directories

A view provides access to one version of each element in your project. In HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer (Windows), the view presents the elements in a tree format in the folders pane.

In UCM, a developer's work area contains two views:

  • Development view. This view represents the view to the development stream or branch, which gives access to the elements a developer is working on. In this view, the developer checks out and modifies source elements, compiles them into object modules for testing purposes, formats them into documents, and so on.
  • Integration view. This view is the view to the integration stream or branch, which shows the components and elements from all team members.

Every view has a view storage directory. HCL VersionVault uses this directory to keep track of information such as which files are loaded into your view (for snapshot views only) and which versions are checked out to it. The view storage directory is for HCL VersionVault administrative purposes only. Do not modify anything in it.