To rename an element using HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer

About this task

You can rename an element or VOB symbolic link using HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer.


  1. In the VersionVault Windows Explorer Details pane, right-click an element and click Rename.
  2. In the Details pane, type a new name for the element.
  3. Press Enter. A window opens and asks whether you are sure about the rename operation.
  4. Click Yes.
    Tip: If you perform a rename operation (or a new folder operation) and try another operation before you press Enter, the pending operation is canceled. This behavior differs from Windows Explorer behavior because VersionVault Windows Explorer must prompt you before it completes the operation. Thus, if you try any of the following operations, the pending operation is canceled and the new operation is performed:
    • Click on a new folder in the Folder pane
    • Click on a new view shortcut in the Shortcut pane
    • Run a tool (for example, the History Browser, Version Tree Browser, Properties Browser, or Diff Merge)
    • Hijack or unhijack a file (snapshot view only)
    • Do a checkin, checkout, or cancel checkout operation
    • Drag one or more objects onto the list

      Some operations (for example, clicking on a column or right-clicking in the Details pane) do not cancel the pending operation.