About VOB links

A VOB link makes a file element or directory element accessible from more than one location in the VOB namespace. There are two kinds of VOB links: symbolic links, which are available for file and directory elements, and hard links, which are available for file elements only. Using VOB symbolic links instead of VOB hard links whenever possible reduces the risks of confusion and lost data.

You can use the cleartool ln command to create VOB links. For more information, see the ln reference page in the VersionVault Command Reference.

Attention: You cannot successfully link to a component that is not part of your configuration and therefore not accessible to your VOB namespace. The link is created, but you cannot see the target that is outside your configuration. Linking with this unsuccessful method could lead to complications in some UCM processes such as merging. You should ask your project manager to add that component to the project and rebase to that configuration.