To unmount/deactivate VOBs

About this task

Unmounting/deactivating a VOB frees resources on your computer.

Unmount VOBs in a dynamic view when you no longer need to use them or if you need to reclaim system resources.

When you unmount a VOB, the view-private files in the VOB namespace are inaccessible until you reactivate it.
Windows tip: Unmounted VOBs do not remount when you log on.

You can perform this operation from the command line on the UNIX system and Linux and from either HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer or Windows Explorer on the Windows system.

  • Unmount/deactivate VOBs from the command line on the UNIX system and Linux:
    Use cleartool umount vob-tag. For example:
    cleartool umount /rel4

    This command unmounts the VOB that is registered with VOB tag /rel4. The VOB tag by which an individual VOB is referenced is the same as the full path to its mount point.

  • Unmount/deactivate VOBs from VersionVault Windows Explorer on Windows systems:
    1. In the Shortcut pane, click Views and click the shortcut of the view containing the VOB.
    2. In the Folder pane, right-click an entry and click Unmount VOB.
    3. In the Unmount window, select a VOB or VOBs and click Unmount.
  • Unmount/deactivate VOBs from Windows Explorer:
    1. Right-click the dynamic-views drive. Then click Unmount VOB.
    2. In the Unmount window, select a VOB and click Unmount.