Creates a process that is set to a dynamic view



Command type


cleartool subcommand





setview [ –log/in ] [ –exe/c cmd-invocation ] view-tag


This command does not require a product license; also, it does not apply to snapshot views.

The setview command creates a process that is set to the specified dynamic view. The new process is said to have a set view context. If you specify an inactive dynamic view—one whose view tag does not appear in the local host's viewroot directory, view—a startview command is invoked implicitly to activate that view.

After you set the dynamic view, you can take advantage of transparency: the ability to use standard pathnames to access version-controlled objects. The associated view_server process resolves a standard pathname to an element into a reference to one of the element's versions. For more information, see the pathnames_ccase reference page.

Using setview in interactive mode

The shell command setview creates a subprocess. If you enter the setview command in interactive mode (at the cleartool prompt), the new dynamic view is set in the current process. To push to a subprocess of an interactive cleartool process, use setview –exec cleartool.

Whether or not you have set a dynamic view, a view-extended pathname is interpreted with respect to the explicitly named dynamic view. For example, /view/bugfix/usr/project/foo.c always specifies the version of element foo.c selected by the view bugfix.



Options and arguments

Shell startup processing

Reads your .cshrc file, but does not read any shell login startup files when starting a shell process.
Reads your shell startup file. No error occurs if this file is missing. Use this option to gain access to your personal aliases, environment variable settings, and so on.

Command to execute in view context

A shell process is started, as indicated by your SHELL environment variable; a Bourne shell (/bin/sh) is started if SHELL has a null value or is undefined. The shell runs interactively until you exit from it.
–exe/c cmd-invocation
Starts a shell process, invokes the specified command line in the dynamic view specified by view-tag, and then returns control to the parent process. This option does not set the view-tag view in the parent process. This command inherits the environment of the shell process.

Specifying the view

Any view tag specifying a dynamic view that is registered for the current network region. Use the lsview command to list registered view tags.


  • Create a shell process that is set to the dynamic view jackson_fix and run your shell startup script.

    cmd-context  setview -login jackson_fix

  • Create a subprocess that is set to the dynamic view jackson_fix and run a script named /myproj/ in that process. Note that the command string must be enclosed in quotes.

    cmd-context  setview -exec "/myproj/" jackson_fix

  • Start the VersionVault graphical user interface in the dynamic view test_vu.

    cmd-context  setview –exec xversionvault test_vu