Displays configuration data for one or more hosts



Command type


cleartool subcommand






hostinfo [ –l/ong ] [ –pro/perties [ –ful/l ] ] [ hostname ... ]


For one or more hosts, the hostinfo command displays basic system and VersionVault configuration data.



Options and arguments

Report format

hostinfo displays a one-line report for each host.
Expands the listing to include the host's VersionVault registry region, registry server host, and license server host.
Reports the following properties of the host:
  • Backup registry host
  • Registry interoperability region
  • MVFS information, including scaling factor, most cache sizes, and many other settings (VersionVault only)
  • Release number and build creation date for all installed VersionVault Product Family products
  • Cleartext idle lifetime
  • Hash table sizes

With the –full option, reports the following additional properties for UNIX® and Linux® hosts:

  • Installation model
  • VersionVault installation directory (versionvault-home-dir)
  • Date and time of VersionVault installation
  • Names of all installed components

Specifying hosts

hostinfo displays only local host information.
hostname ...
Specifies one or more network hosts.


In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-context represents the UNIX system and Linux shells or Windows command interpreter prompt, followed by the cleartool command. In cleartool interactive mode, cmd-context represents the interactive cleartool prompt.

  • Display condensed information about the local host, mercury.

    cmd-context hostinfo
    mercury: VersionVault (SunOS 5.9 Generic_118558-26 sun4u)

  • Display expanded information about remote host neptune.

    cmd-context hostinfo –long neptune
    Client: neptune
      Product: VersionVault
      Operating system:Windows NT 10.0 (build 14393) Pentium
      Hardware type: Pentium
      Registry host: saturn
      Registry region: devel
      License host: venus

  • Display properties of host neptune (VersionVault only)

    cmd-context hostinfo –properties neptune
    neptune: VersionVault (SunOS 5.9 Generic_118558-26 sun4u)
      Backup registry host: uranus
      Scaling factor to initialize MVFS cache sizes: 1
      MVFS cache sizes:
        Free mnodes: 1802
        Free mnodes for cleartext files: 1802
        File names: 1600
        Directory names: 400
        Names not found: 1600
        RPC handles: 10
       Initial mnode table size: 8192
      Blocks per directory: 4
      Minimum free mnodes: 1621
      Minimum free mnodes for cleartext: 1674
    Cleartext idle lifetime: 259200
      VOB hash table size: 2048
      Cleartext hash table size: 512
      DNC hash table size: 509
      Thread hash table size: 512
      Process hash table size: 511
    Installed product: VersionVault version 2.0.0 (Fri Jun 28 11:59:49 EDT 2020)
      Installed product: MultiSite version 2.0.0 (Fri Jun 28 11:59:49 EDT 2020)