Lists view registry entries



Command type


cleartool subcommand

VersionVault Remote Client

rcleartool subcommand






  • VersionVault:
    lsview [ -s/hort | -l/ong ] [ -hos/t hostname [ -quick ]]
    [ -pro/perties [ -ful/l | -text_mode ] | -age ] [ -reg/ion network-region ]

    [ -cview | view-tag ... | -sto/rage view-storage-dir-pname ...

    | -uui/d view-uuid ]

  • VersionVault Remote Client-list views:
    lsview [ -s/hort | -l/ong ] [ -pro/perties [ -ful/l | -text_mode ] | -age ]

    [ -cview | view-tag ... | -cop/yarea copy-area-pname ... | -uuid view-uuid ]

  • VersionVault Remote Client-list local views:
    lsview -local [ -s/hort | -l/ong ] [ -web | -automatic ]


The lsview command lists one or more views, including nonactive dynamic views. To be accessible to cleartool subcommands, a view requires these registry entries:

  • One entry in the view_object registry file
  • One or more entries in the view_tag registry file

These files, view_object and view_tag, constitute the view registry on the network's registry server host. For more information about registry files, see the Help.

VersionVault: Default output

In VersionVault, the lsview command lists all views registered for the current network region by default, whether or not they are active. The default output line for each listed view shows:

  • Whether the view is active on the host (* indicates the active dynamic view; active snapshot views are listed, but not annotated with a *)
    Note: lsview does not report unmounted local views as active even if they have running servers. Also, lsview does not report removed views as active.
  • The view tag
  • The view-storage directory path name



Options and arguments

Listing format

VersionVault: See the section VersionVault: Default output.
Restricts the listing to view tags only.
cleartool: Expands the listing to include all information stored in the view registry regarding the listed views. The network accessibility information includes the global path to the view if a value is set for this property; otherwise, lists the host name and host-local path only.

rcleartool: For a Web view that resides on the client, also lists the server URL, client path, region, view attributes, view owner, and view UUID. For a Web view that resides on the server, also lists the region, view attributes, view owner, and view UUID.

-pro/perties [ -ful/l | -text_mode ]
Reports the following properties:
  • When and by whom the view was created, last modified, and last accessed
  • Permissions for the view owner, view group members, and others

With the -full option, reports the following additional properties:

  • When and by whom view-private data was last accessed
  • When and by whom a view-private object was last updated
  • When and by whom the config spec was last updated
  • For a dynamic view, when and by whom a derived object was last created, promoted, and winked in
  • For a dynamic view, whether it creates shareable derived objects or nonshareable derived objects
  • The view's text mode
  • Whether the view is a dynamic view, snapshot view, or a web view
  • Whether the view is read-only or writable

With the -text_mode option, additionally reports the view's text mode.

Reports when and by whom the view was last accessed. Because view access events are updated only every 60 seconds, lsview may not report all recent events.

Specifying the views

VersionVault: Views registered for the local network region.
-hos/t hostname
Confines the listing to views whose storage directories reside on host hostname. If the CLEARCASE_RGY_QUICK environment variable is set, uses the -quick option.
Provides faster lookup for the -host option by listing views as currently stored in the registry.
Note: Physical storage is not examined, and aliases and IP addresses are not resolved. Therefore, changes that occurred since a view's creation may not be reflected in the listing. Also note that the lookup of entries is case-sensitive.

The CLEARCASE_RGY_QUICK EV causes lsview -host to use the -quick functionality. For example, by setting this EV you can change the run-time behavior of -host in scripts without modifying the scripts.

The -host option and CLEARCASE_RGY_QUICK EV have no effect if the -region option is also used and the region is specified with a wildcard.

-reg/ion network-region
Confines the listing to the views registered for a particular network region. (The mkview and mktag commands have a -region option, which can be used to assign view tags to specific network regions.) The network-region argument can include pattern-matching characters as described in wildcards_ccase. If the network-region argument includes pattern-matching characters, enclose it in single quotes.
Lists the current view. On UNIX® and Linux® systems, lsview lists the working directory view, if there is one; otherwise, it lists the set view.
view-tag ...
Specifies a single view to be listed. The view must be registered, but it need not be active to be listed with lsview. The view-tag argument can include pattern-matching characters as described in the wildcards_ccase reference page. Enclose in single-quotes any view-tag argument that includes pattern-matching characters.
-sto/rage view-storage-dir-pname ...
One or more views, identified by full path names to their storage directories.
-uui/d view-uuid
A single view, specified by its UUID (universal unique identifier).
-cop/yarea copyarea-pname....
Copy area of the web view; not applicable to automatic views.
Specifies VersionVault Remote Client views (web and automatic views) that reside on the local host.
List only web views on the local host.
List only automatic views on the local host.


The UNIX system and Linux examples in this section are written for use in csh. If you use another shell, you may need to use different quoting and escaping conventions.

The Windows examples that include wildcards or quoting are written for use in cleartool interactive mode. If you use cleartool single-command mode, you may need to change the wildcards and quoting to make your command interpreter process the command appropriately.

In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-context represents the UNIX system and Linux shells or Windows command interpreter prompt, followed by the cleartool command. In cleartool interactive mode, cmd-context represents the interactive cleartool prompt.

  • List the views registered for the local network region.

    cmd-context lsview
    *   mainRel5     /net/host5/usr/viewstore/ainRel5.vws
        anneRel5     /net/host5/usr/viewstore/anneRel5.vws
    *   anneTest     /net/host2/usr/anne/viewstore/anneTest.vws
        nordTest     /net/host2/usr/nord/nordTest.vws
    *   nordRel5     /net/host4/usr/viewstore/nordRel5.vws
        nordRel4      /net/host8/usr/viewstore/nordRel4.vws

  • List, using the long display format, the registry information for the view with view tag mainRel5.

    cmd-context lsview -long mainRel5
    Tag: mainRel5
    Global path: \\pluto\viewshare\mainRel5.vws
    Server host: pluto
    Region: main_headqtrs
    Active: YES
    View tag uuid:a9c1ba4d.853e11cc.a96b.08:00:69:06:05:d8
    View on host: pluto
    View server access path: C:\views\mainRel5.vws
    View uuid: a9c1ba4d.853e11cc.a96b.08:00:69:06:05:d8

  • For a particular host, list the views whose view tags match a wildcard pattern.

    cmd-context lsview -host saturn '*anne*'
    *   anne_main     /net/saturn/usr/anne/views/anne_main.vws
        anne_rel2     /net/saturn/usr/anne/views/anne_rel2.vws

  • List full view properties.

    cmd-context lsview -properties -full anne_main
      anne_main         \\saturn\disk1\views\anne_main.vws
    Created 2017-06-18T17:41:34 by anne.user@
    Last modified 2017-07-22T15:42:16 by sue.user@
    Last accessed 2017-07-22T15:42:16 by sue.user@
    Last read of private data 2017-07-22T17:06:20 by anne.user@
    Last derived object promotion 2017-03-11T12.31.20 by anne.user@
    Last config spec update 2017-06-11T17:55:27 by anne.user@
    Last derived object winkin 2017-06-21T17:05:49 by anne.user@
    Last derived object creation 2017-07-21T17:06:18 by anne.user@
    Last view private object update 2017-07-22T15:42:16 by sue.user@
    Text mode: msdos
    Properties: dynamic readwrite shareable_dos
    Owner: ACME\anne   : rwx (all)
    Group: ACME\user   : rwx (all)
    Other:             : r-x (read)