Displays cache information



Command type


cleartool subcommand






  • Display or reset statistics for a view:
    getcache –vie/w [ –a/ll | –s/hort ] [ –reset ] { –cvi/ew | view-tag }
  • Display the default cache size for the current host:
    getcache –vie/w –hos/t
  • Display the site-wide default size for view caches:
    getcache –vie/w –sit/e
  • VersionVault dynamic views—Display cache information for the MVFS:
    getcache –mvfs [ –per/sistent ] | { [–s/hort ] [–reset ] }


The getcache command displays cache information for a view. In VersionVault dynamic views, you can also use getcache to get information on the multiversion file system (MVFS). View cache information includes cumulative statistics about the number of operations performed and the size of each of the view's caches. (You can specify the total size for the view's caches with the setcache command; that total is allocated among the individual caches.) getcache can also reset the view or MVFS statistics with the –reset option.

Note: Two sets of statistics are kept for a view: the set displayed by –all, which is reset only when the view_server is restarted (with endview –server or by rebooting); and the normal set, which you can zero with the –reset option.

With the –host option, getcache displays the default size of the view cache for the current host. With the –site option, getcache displays the site-wide default size for view caches. With the –mvfs option, getcache displays information about a host's MVFS caches, which are used to optimize file system performance. (For more information about optimizing performance, see the chapters on performance tuning in the Help.)

getcache can sometimes report cache use greater than 100%. The object cache, in particular, can show cache use exceeding 100% because other objects, including cache objects, can reference the object cache. Usually, this means the object cache size is too small compared to the sizes of other caches.


getcache -mvfs -reset requires root privileges on UNIX® and Linux® and local administrator privileges on Windows®. No other restrictions apply

Options and arguments

Specifying the cache information to display

Displays cache information for a single view.
–vie/w –hos/t
Displays the default cache size for the current host. If this value has not been set, getcache displays the following message:
No host-wide default view cache size is known.

This value is stored in the view_cache_size file (in /var/adm/hcl/versionvault/config/ (UNIX® and Linux®) or versionvault-home-dir\var\config\ (Windows®)) and is set with setcache –view –host.

–vie/w –sit/e
Displays the site-wide default size for view caches. If this value has not been set, getcache displays the following message:
No site-wide default view cache size is known.

This value is stored in the VersionVault site config registries and is set with setcache –view –site or setsite.

Displays cache information for the MVFS. These values are set with setcache –mvfs.

Specifying how much information to display

With –view, displays statistics gathered since the last reset and the current cache sizes. With –mvfs, displays current cache sizes and utilizations and advice on cache sizing.
Displays view statistics since the time that the view_server was started. These statistics are not reset when you execute getcache –reset.
–view –s/hort
Displays only cache sizes.
–mvfs –s/hort
Displays only cache sizes and utilizations.
–mvfs –per/sistent
Displays only those values which have been set to persist across MVFS restarts.

Resetting view statistics

The counters for the normal set of view statistics keep running.
With the -view option, displays current statistics, resets them to zero, and prints a summary to the view log. With the -mvfs option, displays current statistics, then resets them to zero.

Specifying a view

Displays or resets statistics for the current view.
Specifies the view whose statistics are displayed or reset.


The UNIX system and Linux examples in this section are written for use in csh. If you use another shell, you may need to use different quoting and escaping conventions.

The Windows examples that include wildcards or quoting are written for use in cleartool interactive mode. If you use cleartool single-command mode, you may need to change the wildcards and quoting to make your command interpreter process the command appropriately.

In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-context represents the UNIX system and Linux shells or Windows command interpreter prompt, followed by the cleartool command. In cleartool interactive mode, cmd-context represents the interactive cleartool prompt.

  • Display cache information for the cep_dev view:
    cmd-context getcache –view cep_dev 
    Lookup cache:    29% full,   1121 entries ( 56.8K),  15832 requests,  75% hits
    Readdir cache:    4% full, 24 entries ( 36.5K), 4159 requests, 83% hits
    Fstat cache:     31% full, 281 entries (105.1K), 55164 requests, 100% hits
    Object cache:    26% full, 1281 entries (176.6K), 40626 requests, 72% hits
    Total memory used for view caches: 375.0Kbytes
    The current view server cache limits are:
    Lookup cache:             201312 bytes
    Readdir cache:            838860 bytes
    Fstat cache:              352296 bytes
    Object cache:             704592 bytes
    Total cache size limit:  2097152 bytes
  • Display cache information for the MVFS:

    cmd-context getcache –mvfs
    Mnodes: (active/max)    1043/4096 (25.464%)
    Mnode freelist:         885/900 (98.333%)
    Cltxt freelist:         41/819 (5.006%)

    DNC:   Files:           219/800 (27.375%)
           Directories:     108/200 (54.000%)
           ENOENT:          106/400 (26.500%)

    RPC handles:            2/5 (40.000%)

    Current MVFS cache enable settings:
    Attribute cache: enabled
    Close-to-open revalidation: enabled
    Name cache: enabled
    Readlink cache: enabled
    Root version cache: enabled
    VOB freelist low-water mark: 1620
    Cleartext freelist low-water mark: 1768
    Readdir block cache size: 4
    MVFS scaling factor: 1

    Attribute cache miss summary (for tuning suggestions, see the
    documentation for administering VersionVault):
    Attribute cache total misses:               1215        (100.00%)
    Close-to-open (view pvt) misses:             434        ( 35.72%)
    Generation (parallel build) misses:            0        (  0.00%)
    Cache timeout misses:                        297        ( 24.44%)
    Cache fill (new file) misses:                  1        (  0.08%)
    Event time (vob/view mod) misses:            484         ( 39.84%)