Creating, configuring, and registering views

Each developer creates a view under his or her home directory. For example, developer arb enters these commands:

% mkdir $HOME/view_store
cleartool mkview -tag arb_major $HOME/view_store/arb_major.vws
Created view.
Host-local path: phobos:export/home/arb/view_store/arb_major.vws
Global path:     /net/phobos/export/home/arb/view_store/arb_major.vws
It has the following rights:
User : arb      : rwx
Group: user     : rwx
Other:          : r-x

A new view has the default config spec. Thus, developers on the MAJ and FIX teams must reconfigure their views, using the standard file for their team. Developer arb edits her config spec with the cleartool edcs command, deletes the existing lines, and adds the following line:


If the project manager changes the standard file, arb must enter the command cleartool setcs –current to pick up the changes.