Creating Baseline 2

The MIN team is ready to freeze for Baseline 2, and the MAJ team will be soon (see the following figure).

Figure 1. Baseline 2

A white rectangle marked Baseline 2 ends three merge arrows. Two white clouds marked Freeze start two of the merge arrows. A black rectangle marked Release 1.0.2 starts the third merge arrow.

Baseline 2 integrates all three development efforts, and thus requires two sets of merges:

  • Bug fix changes from the most recent patch release (versions labeled R1.0.2) must be merged to the main branch.
  • New features must be merged from the major branch to the main branch. (This is the opposite direction from the merges described in Merging ongoing development work.)

Merges can be done from more than two directions, so both the bug fixes and the new features can be merged to the main branch at the same time. In general, though, it is easier to verify the results of two-way merges.