Final validation: creating Release 2.0

Baseline 2 has been released internally, and further testing has found only minor bugs (see the following figure). These bugs have been fixed by creating new versions on the main branch.
Figure 1. Final test and release

A white rectangle marked Baseline 2 starts a solid line that is marked Minor bugfixes. The solid line ends at a black rectangle marked Release 2.0.

Before the monet application is shipped to customers, it goes through a validation phase:

  • All editing, building, and testing is restricted to a single, shared view.
  • All builds are performed from sources with a particular version label (R2.0).
  • Only the project manager has permission to make changes involving that label.
  • All labels must be moved by hand.
  • Only high-priority bugs are fixed, using this procedure:
    • The project manager authorizes a particular developer to fix the bug, by granting her permission to create new versions (on the main branch).
    • The developer’s checkin activity is tracked by an HCL VersionVault trigger.
    • After the bug is fixed, the project manager moves the R2.0 version label to the fixed version and revokes the developer’s permission to create new versions.