Workflow for making baselines

The make baselines task of the integrator follows build components and precedes recommend baselines.

To ensure that developers stay in sync with each other's work, make new baselines regularly. A new baseline includes the work delivered to the integration or parent stream since the last baseline. If your project uses feature-specific development streams, perform this task on the parent streams and on the integration stream. In some environments, the lead developer working on a feature may assume the role of integrator for a feature-specific development stream.

Making a new baseline involves the following steps:

  1. Lock the integration or parent stream to prevent developers from delivering work while you create the baseline. Developers can continue to work on activities in their development streams.
  2. Verify the stability of the project by testing its components.
  3. Make the baseline.
  4. Unlock the integration or parent stream so that developers can deliver work.

After your team of software quality engineers tests the new baselines more extensively and determines that they are stable, recommend the baselines.