Development begins

To begin the project, a developer sets a properly configured view, checks out one or more elements, and starts work. For example, developer david on the MAJ team enters these commands:

% cleartool setview david_major
% cd /vobs/monet/src
cleartool checkout -nc opt.c prs.c
Created branch "major" from "opt.c" version "/main/6".
Checked out "opt.c" from version "/main/major/0".
Created branch "major" from "prs.c" version "/main/7".
Checked out "prs.c" from version "/main/major/0".

The auto-make-branch facility causes each element to be checked out on the major branch (see Rule 4 in the MAJ team’s config spec in Creating project views). If a developer on the MIN team enters this command, the elements are checked out on the main branch, with no conflict.

HCL VersionVault is fully compatible with standard development tools and practices. Thus, developers use the editing, compilation, and debugging tools that they prefer (including personal scripts and aliases) while working in their views.

Developers check in work periodically to make their work available to other team members (that is, those whose views select the most recent version on the team’s branch). This allows intra-team integration and testing to proceed throughout the development period.