Historical view defined by a version label

The following config spec defines a historical configuration:

element * R1.0 –nocheckout

This view always selects the set of versions labeled R1.0. In this scenario, all these versions are on the main branch of their elements. If the R1.0 label type is one-per-element, not one-per-branch, this config spec selects the R1.0 version on a subbranch. (For more information, see the mklbtype reference page.)

The –nocheckout qualifier prevents any element from being checked out in this view. (It also prevents creation of new elements, because the parent directory element must be checked out.) Thus, there is no need for the CHECKEDOUT configuration rule.
Tip: The set of versions selected by this view can change, because version labels can be moved and deleted. For example, using the command mklabel –replace to move R1.0 from version 5 of an element to version 7 changes which version appears in the view. Similarly, using rmlabel suppresses the specified elements from the view. (The cleartool ls command lists them with a [no version selected] annotation.) If the label type is locked with the lock command, the configuration cannot change.

You can use this configuration to rebuild Release 1.0, verifying that all source elements have been labeled properly. You can also use it to browse the old release.