Project environment for sample config specs

You can use different config specs for different kinds of development and management tasks. The three sections that follow present sample config specs useful for various aspects of project development, project management and research, and project builds. This section presents the development environment that these config specs are based on.

Developers use a VOB whose VOB tag is /vobs_monet, which has this structure:
/vobs/monet (VOB tag, VOB mount point)
src/ (C language source files)
include/ (C language header files)
lib/ (project libraries)
For the purposes of this sample, suppose that the lib directory has this substructure:
libcalc.a (checked-in staged version of library)
libcmd.a (checked-in staged version of library)
libparse.a (checked-in staged version of library)
libpub.a (checked-in staged version of library)
libaux1.a (checked-in staged version of library)
libaux2.a (checked-in staged version of library)
libcalc/ (sources for calc library)
libcmd/ (sources for cmd library)
libparse/ (sources for parse library)
libpub/ (sources for pub library)
libaux1/ (sources for aux1 library)
libaux2/ (sources for aux2 library)

Sources for libraries are located in subdirectories of lib. After a library is built in its source directory, it can be staged to /vobs_monet/lib.

On Linux and the UNIX system, the build scripts for the project executable programs can instruct the link editor, ld(1), to use the libraries in this directory (the library staging area) instead of a more standard location (for example, /usr/local/lib).

On the Windows® system, you can use the libraries in this directory (the library staging area) instead of a more standard location by setting the LIB environment variable or by changing the makefile.

The following labels are assigned to versions of vobs_monet elements.

Version Labels
First customer release
Baseline 1 prior to second customer release
Baseline 2 prior to second customer release
Second customer release

These version labels have been assigned to versions on the main branch of each element. Most project development work takes place on the main branch. For some special tasks, development takes places on a subbranch.

Used for work on the application’s graphical user interface, certain computational algorithms, and other major enhancements
Used for fixing bugs in Release 1.0
Windows Note: Config specs allow absolute VOB paths—absolute paths that begin with a VOB tag but do not include a drive or view tag prefix. This form of path is required to specify VOB elements without regard for current drive assignments or active views. For example:
(absolute VOB path, where \vob_gopher is the VOB tag)
(absolute VOB path, where \monet is the VOB tag)
(drive-specific path; not recommended)
(view-extended path; not recommended)