Default config spec

The following config spec defines a dynamic configuration:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * /main/LATEST

The config spec selects changes made on the main branch of every element throughout the entire source tree, by any developer. This is the default config spec, to which each newly created view is initialized.

When you create a view with the mkview command or the View Creation Wizard (the Windows® system only), the contents of file default_config_spec (located in versionvault-home-dir) become the config spec of the new view. A view with this config spec provides a private work area that selects your checked-out versions (Rule 1). By default, when you check out a file, you check out from the latest version on the main branch (Rule 2). While an element is checked out to you, you can change it without affecting anyone else's work. When you check in the new version, the changes are available to developers whose views select /main/LATEST versions.

The view also selects all other elements (that is, all elements that you have not checked out) on a read-only basis. If another user checks in a new version on the main branch of such an element, the new LATEST version appears in this dynamic view immediately.

By default, snapshot views also include the two version-selection rules shown above. In addition, snapshot view config specs include load rules, which specify which elements or subtrees to load into the snapshot view. For details about creating snapshot views, see Developing Software.