View that shows changes of one developer

The following config spec makes it easy to examine all changes that a developer has made since a certain milestone:
element * '/main/{created_by(jackson) && created_since(25-Apr)}'
element * /main/LATEST –time 25-Apr
Tip: Rule 1 must be contained on a single physical text line.

A particular date, April 25, is used as the milestone. The configuration is a snapshot of the main line of development at that date (Rule 2), overlaid with all changes that user jackson has made on the main branch since then (Rule 1).

The output of the cleartool ls command distinguishes jackson’s files from the others: each entry includes an annotation as to which configuration rule applies to the selected version.

This is a research view, not a development view. The selected set of files may not be consistent: some of jackson’s changes may rely on changes made by others, and those other changes are excluded from this view. Thus, this config spec omits the standard CHECKEDOUT and /main/LATEST rules.