Adding response types

You can add response types to the Campaign Offer Response Breakout schema.

Before you begin

Determine the following information:

About this task

To add response types, complete the following steps.


  1. Select Settings > Configuration.
  2. Expand Reports > Schemas > Campaign > Campaign Offer Response Breakout > Columns > Response Type.
  3. In the form on the right, click New category name and enter the name of the response type.
  4. For Column Name, enter the name to use in the reporting schema for the response type.
  5. For Response Type Code, enter the three letter code for this response type.
    Response type codes are case-sensitive.
  6. For Control Treatment Flag, enter the number zero to indicate that this column in the reporting schema represents the target group
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. Optional: Repeat this procedure to add the control group column to the reporting schema, if necessary. This time, enter the number 1 to indicate that this column represents the control group.