Framework Manager data models

A Cognos® model is reporting metadata that describes physical database objects and their relationships to query subjects and query items. When you use Cognos® 10 BI Report Studio, you build reports from query subjects and items that are described in the data model.

The data model for an Unica application references the reporting views in the Unica application database. The data is made available to the Cognos® 10 reports that are also delivered in the Unica Reports Package.

When you configure the reporting views to include additional attributes, metrics, and response types, you synchronize the Cognos® reporting model with the reporting views and you publish the revised model to the Cognos® content store. At that point, those new attributes become available in Report Studio and you can add them to the Unica reports.

The IBM® Cognos® 10 model from the Unica Reports Package presents the Unica application metadata in the following three folders:

  • Import View represents the data from the reporting schemas in the Unica application database. You use this view to synchronize the data model with the Unica database views, materialized views, or reporting tables through the data source connection.
  • Model View is the working area where you perform basic metadata transformations. You set up relationships between object entities that are represented by query subjects, which creates building blocks that can be used in the Business View.
  • Business View organizes query subjects in terms of business objects to simplify report building. This is the information that you see when you open an Unica application report in Report Studio.

The Unica Campaign and Unica Deliver models include shortcuts from the Model View to the Business View. The Unica Interact model does not use shortcuts in the same way because some of its query subjects span two data sources.

Note: When you create a project in Cognos® Configuration, select Open Project to create a project. When you use the Open Project option, the query mode is set to Compatible. Do not use the Create New Project option, which uses the default template that sets the query mode to Dynamic.