How to upgrade reports

You can upgrade your current version of Unica reports to bring it up-to-date with the latest features.

In Unica, reporting is one of the components that is provided by Unica Platform.

When you upgrade, the installer and database scripts also upgrade the reporting feature, retaining the configuration settings for the Unica Campaign and Unica Interact reporting schemas.

Upgrade scenarios

To upgrade an Unica application from version 8.x or 9.x, complete the steps that are described in the following topics:

For Unica Deliver, the following upgrade paths are supported:

  • From version or later fix packs to version 9.1
  • From version 9.0 or later fix packs to version 9.1
Note: If you customized your Unica Deliver reports, you have less report customization work if you upgrade to 9.0 rather than or later fix packs.

If you use Unica Deliver with Oracle or DB2, you must use materialized views.