How to configure the Cognos® Reports for multiple partitions

If you use Unica Campaign, Unica Deliver, or Unica Interact with more than one partition, you must configure the Cognos® reports packages for each partition. You can set up reporting on multiple partitions after you configure the partitions in Unica Campaign and Unica Deliver.

Note: For instructions on configuring partitions in Unica Campaign and Unica Deliver, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.

Use the utility to configure reports for multiple partitions. The utility performs the following tasks:

  • Copies the xml files from the original reports .zip archive.
  • Replaces the package references in the xml files to reference a new package under a new folder that you specify.
  • Compresses the new files into a new .zip archive, adding the new partition name to the end of the file name.

After you run the utility, you create a folder in Cognos® Connection by using the name that you specified, and import the new archive into that folder. Then, you copy the original project file (which contains the model) so you can change the datasource to point to the new partition and publish the model to the new folder.