Creating a copy of the Cognos® model for Unica Deliver

If you plan to use Unica Deliver reports in multiple partitions, you must create a copy of the Cognos® model for new Unica Deliver reports. You also must ensure that the model references the correct data source name.

About this task

To create a copy of the Cognos® model for Unica Deliver, complete the following steps.


  1. Verify that you created an Cognos® data source for this partition. If you have not yet created the data source for this partition, see Creating JDBC data sources.
  2. Use Framework Manager to open the Unica Deliver project file, DeliverModel.cpf.
  3. Use Save As to copy the DeliverModel project and give it a new name that indicates the partition where it is used.
    For example, DeliverModelPartition2.
  4. In the Project Viewer, expand the Data Sources node and select DeliverTrackDS.

    If the Properties pane does not appear by default, select View > Properties.

  5. Click in the Name field. Change the default (DeliverTrackDS) to the new data source name for this Unica Deliver partition.
    For example, DeliverTrackDS_partition2.
  6. Click in the Content Manager Datasource field. Change the default value (DeliverTrackDS) to the value that you specified in step 5.
    For example, DeliverTrackDS_partition2.
  7. Save your changes.
  8. Publish the package to the content store. When the publish wizard displays the Select Location Type window, browse to and select the folder where you imported the reports archive in Cognos® Connection in the previous task.

    In the example, the folder is Campaign Partition 2.