List report styles

Use the styles included with the global report style sheet, GlobalReportStyles.css and GlobalReportStyles_10.css, to format list reports.

The following table shows formatting from the GlobalStyleSheet.css and GlobalReportStyles_10.css style sheet for list reports:

Table 1. List report styles

This two-columned table provides information about the items in one column and the style in the second column.

Item Style
Cells 1 px solid very light gray border at the top and bottom
Column header White background; 1.5 pt black line at the bottom separates column header from rest of table
Summary header rows (list headers) Light gray background
Total row at bottom Dark gray background

The following example a list report that uses the global styles:

Date formats for globalized versions

If you use a globalized version of the HCL® Marketing Software reports package, you see a different date format in your list reports depending on which locale you use. Cognos list reports use the date style medium.

The following table shows the date formats for list reports for all available locales.

Table 2. Cognos list reports date formats for globalized versions

This two-columned table provides examples of the date format that is used by Cognos list reports for globalized versions.

Locale Cognos list reports date format example
English Mar 18, 2014
Brazilian Portuguese 18/03/2014
French 18 mars 14
German 18.03.2014
Italian 18/mar/2014
Japanese 2014/03/18
Korean 2014-03-18
Russian 18.03.2014
Simplified Chinese 2014-3-18
Spanish 18-Mar-14