Installing reporting schemas on the HCL Marketing Software system

Use the HCL® Marketing Software suite master installer and the reports package installers to install reporting schemas on the computer where Marketing Platform is installed.

About this task

To install the reporting schemas, complete the following steps.


  1. In the Reports Pack Product Components window, select Reporting Schema.
  2. If more than one option appears in the Schema Type Selection window, it means that the HCL® application has prepackaged custom attributes. Complete one of the following steps depending on whether custom attributes exist:
    • To install reporting schemas that include custom attributes, select Custom. The sample reports for Campaign are configured to use custom attributes. If you install the Campaign report package, you must select Custom so the sample reports function correctly.
    • To install reporting schemas that do not include custom attributes, except eMessage, select Base. For eMessage, always select Custom.

    The installer places the reporting schema in the file system and registers the schema with Marketing Platform.

  3. Complete the following steps to verify that the reporting schemas are registered in Marketing Platform:
    1. Log in to the HCL Marketing Software suite as the platform_admin user.
    2. Go to Select > Configuration.
    3. Expand Reports > Schemas > ProductName.

    If you see the schema configuration properties for your application, your installation is complete.

    If the schema configuration properties for your application are not shown, the report package has not been registered and you must register the reports package manually. Continue with the next step.

  4. Optional: Complete the following steps to register the configuration properties manually:
    1. In the tools directory under your reports package installation, open the import_all script.
    2. Set the value of the MANAGER_TOOLS_BIN_DIR variable to the tools/bin directory under your Marketing Platform installation.
    3. Run import_all.bat (for Windows) or (for Unix).

      The script starts the Marketing Platform configTool utility and registers the schemas.

    4. Verify that the schema configuration properties are present.