Running the reporting partition tool to create a copy of the reports archive .zip file

You must create a copy of the reports archive .zip file by running the utility for each partition.

About this task

Complete the following steps for each partition in your system.


  1. From the shell or shell simulator, browse to the IBM\Unica\Platform\tools\cognos<version>\bin directory.
  2. Run the utility, providing values for the partition name and archive path parameters.


    For a Campaign reports archive Partition2 "IBM\Unica\ReportsPacksCampaign\cognos<version>\Unica Reports for"

    For an eMessage reports archive Partition2 "IBM\Unica\ReportsPackseMessage\cognos11\Unica Reports for"

    Note: You must use quote characters around the parameter values if they contain spaces, as shown above for the archive paths.
  3. Copy each new .zip file to the Cognos® deployment directory.

    If you used the partition name that is provided in the example above, the new .zip file would be named as follows:

    • For Campaign: Unica Reports for
    • For eMessage: Unica Reports for
  4. Open Cognos Connection.
  5. Under Public Folders, create a folder for the reports partition.
    For example, Campaign Partition 2.
  6. Import each new .zip archive, selecting the folder that you created in step 5 as the target location in the import wizard.

    If you followed the example, you would target the Campaign Partition 2 folder.