Managing lookup values for a form

Single-Select - Database and Multiple-Select - Database attributes present lists of values to users, who then select one or more values from the list.

You manage attribute lookup values as follows:

  • Work directly with your database administrators to add or remove values in the lookup table that is associated with the attribute.
  • Disable lookup values on the Form Definitions page, as described here. Disabling values on the Form Definitions page prevents users from selecting a value without removing it from the database. If the same lookup table is referenced on more than one form, you can disable a value for one form and enable it for another on the Form Definitions page.

Notes® on disabled lookup values

Note the following system behavior for disabled lookup values:

  • The status (enabled or disabled) for lookup values is kept in the uap_lkup_manager system table.
  • You can disable a value that is selected on existing objects. When users revisit such an object, they see disabled next to the value.
  • Disabled values are included in the results from an advanced search if they meet the search criteria. Disabled values are indicated by the text disabled next to the value.
  • If you edit a Single-Select - Database and Multiple-Select - Database attribute, the status for all values of that attribute is reset to enabled.
  • If a value is set as the default for a form, and is later disabled, the behavior is as follows:
    • The disabled value is still used for existing objects.
    • If a user revisits an existing object, and changes any answers on that form, the user must choose a different value for the field that contains the disabled value.