Enabling data posting of list selections

When you create a read-only list, you can enable users to send their data selections to a specified server by clicking a link in the form.

When users click the Post Data link, the selected rows display in a new popup window.

Data posting is done using name-value pairs, as per the HTML POST method. Name is the column name, and value is the value of the column in the selected row. If the user selects multiple rows, value pairs are comma-separated.

For example, assume that a list has two columns, ID and Name, and the data post URL is set to http://serverRPT/testServlet. Assume that the list has the following values:

Table 1. Example list values
ID Name
1 name1
2 name2
3 name3

If a user selects the first and third rows, and then posts the data, the system generates the following HTML form into a new window:

<form name="lvcPost" method="POST"
     <input type="hidden" name="ID" value="1,3">
     <input type="hidden" name="NAME" value="name1,name3">

If a posted column contains multiple, comma-separated values, these values are enclosed in double quotation marks ("") when posted. The quotation marks identify these values as belonging to a single column, as the posting method normally comma-separates the values for each column.