Importing forms

You can import forms only from a system that is running the same version of Unica Plan.

Only Unica Plan administrators can import forms.

You can import a form in one of two ways.

  • By importing a complete, previously exported compressed form archive file.
  • By importing a single previously exported form (XML) file.

Importing a compressed form archive file imports the form, any localized versions, and scripts to update lookup tables that are referenced by form attributes.

Importing a form (XML) file imports only the form. The form uses the language of the locale in which it was created. If the form attributes use lookup tables, you must create or edit the lookup tables manually.

You can import a new version of a form that exists in the system. If the existing form is unpublished, the new version replaces the old one. If the existing form is published, the Form Definitions page lists the newly imported version below the old version and the Publish action is available. To replace the published version with the new version, you must republish the form.