Localizing forms

You can localize forms by exporting the form and modifying the properties file.

Before you begin

If the form uses lookup tables and you want to provide localized versions of those lookup tables, create the localized tables before you localize the form. You need the names of the localized tables.

About this task

You can only export forms that are published.


  1. Export the form.
  2. Extract the properties file from the compressed archive form file.
  3. Create a copy of the properties file for each locale your organization supports.
  4. Open each properties file in a text editor and translate the display text into the appropriate language for that file. If the form uses localized versions of the lookup tables, replace the lookup table names with the names of the localized lookup tables in the properties file.
  5. Add the new properties files to the form compressed archive file.
  6. Import the form into Unica Plan.

    The new version of the form displays indented below the published version that you exported. The Publish icon is now available.

  7. Publish the form to replace the previously published version with the version you imported.

    The localized text from the properties files is uploaded to the database and is available to all users.