Globalizing standard attributes

You can customize the attributes on plan, program, and project templates for your organization and locales. You can globalize standard attributes that display on the plan, program, or project Summary tab by editing the Attributes tab.

About this task

On the Attributes tab, you can also determine whether the attributes are Required, Standard, or Hidden to streamline the template. You can add a custom help-tip, which displays when the user hovers the mouse over the attribute. The help-tip might tell users what information the field gathers when they make a new instance. These features determine how the standard attributes display on the Summary tab when users create a program or project from the template.


  1. Edit a plan template. Create or edit a program or project template. Open the Attributes tab.
  2. To change the label of the attribute in the default locale, click the edit icon in the Label column. Type the new label in the text box.
  3. To add a help-tip, click the edit icon in the Help-tip column. Type the help-tip in the text box.
  4. To set the attribute to Required, Standard, or Hidden, click the edit icon in the Display type column. Select Required, Standard, or Hidden from the drop-down menu.
    Note: On the plan template, the following attributes are always set to Required: Name, Plan Code, and Program Areas. On the program template, the Name and Program Code are always set to Required. On the project template, the Name and Project Code are always set to Required.
  5. To globalize the attribute label and help-tip, click the edit icon in the Language column.

    The Language column appears only if your organization supports multiple locales.

    Each locale your organization supports displays in the Modify details for name window. If you do not see a specific language, that locale is not supported.

    1. Enter translated text for each locale.
    2. Click Save changes.
  6. Click Save changes.